55k is holding somewhat well so far. If Bitcoin can hold 55k for just 2–3 more days, I think Bitcoin will be back above 60k quite quickly and it will start running up to 80k.

Now, as we are getting closer to the end of the bull cycle (assuming the…

I am seeing many are starting to say that we are in a bear market and the top is in. There are also many who are uncertain whether we are in a bull or bear market.

Based on my personal experience, when you are uncertain whether you are in a…

I believe Bitcoin is going through another capitulation just like what it did in September.

Bitcoin parabolic market structure is still in tact and I believe 55k is the bottom. The consistent pattern that I see with Bitcoin is its 50–60% retracement of the gains. Bitcoin went from 10k to…

I believe we are now starting to enter the final phase of the bull market.

Some people are saying that Bitcoin looks bearish, as we have stagnated just right above 60k, but I rather think that Bitcoin is actually trying to go parabolic. We are entering a phase where people…

Over the next month or so I plan to write series posts on Dogelon Mars as I believe this crypto seems to be one of the best cryptos to own at the moment in terms of ROI. Everything that I write are just my personal opinions and not financial advice.

I believe Dogelon Mars has bottomed and will begin its uptrend again. I personally think that Dogelon will trace back up quickly to 0.0000015 and then spend about 2 weeks accumulating. After that I believe Dogelon with try to shoot for ATH

If Dogelon makes further correction (which I believe won’t happen) then I would have to say Dogelon won’t probably hit another ATH during this bull cycle. However, I do not think we will have another sell off. 48 hours of sell off should have absorbed all the sellers and I believe people who are not in Dogelon would find the current price actually quite attractive.

If Dogelon falls below 0.000008, I will probably just sell Dogelon, as it will break Dogelon’s parabolic move, but once again I don’t think that will happen.


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