Crypto Projects Overview

2 min readJan 5, 2022


My personal opinions on some of the current crypto projects.

FTM — I am bullish. I love the team, the developer activies and the tactics that they take. It has a unique vibe.

ETH — I am bullish. I really love the team and all the contributions that they have made to the crypto world. I am pretty sure they will keep pumping out novel ideas. ZK-rollup and ETH 2.0 will probably make ETH competitive against alternative L1 solutions and I don’t think any L1 solutions will be able to kill ETH. The whole Defi market exists due to ETH. I would never short ETH.

LUNA — I am a skeptic. Though I do agree that there needs to be a decentralized stablecoin, I am not sure the approach LUNA is taking is sustainable. I also do not like what LUNA is doing. Mirror protocol is basically a copy of SNX. Also, Mirror will probably be banned in the USA. Seigniorage is also an idea borrowed from the outside world. They have built on top of COSMOS rather than coming up with a unique architecture, so nothing unique as a L1 solution. I am not sure Anchor APY is sustainable in the long term. Though I have never used Chai pay, it seems to be constantly changing the benefits that the users receive, which is a really bad sign and I consider it to be a quick marketing scheme that will probably backfire. I have a feeling Chai pay users are not growing, rather I feel likemany are leaving. TerraForm Labs for me looks like a business company than a tech company. I think there is a chance of LUNA turning into a Groupon of crypto. It does have a first mover advantage as a first mainstream decentralized stablecoin though.

SOL — I am bullish. While I do not think SOL will overtake ETH as a lot of people say it will, I do think SOL will take a unique market position that go quite well along with ETH.

BTC — Nothing more to say. I would never short BTC. BTC will probably outperform all other types of asset classes. Real estate, gold, or S&P 500, bonds, you name any and BTC will probably beat them all 10 years down the road from now. If you probably put everything into BTC, your fund will be among the top performing funds.