2 min readOct 7, 2023

It is clear that OpenAI is on track to become one of the most valuable companies, contrary to my earlier prediction. Some people question whether OpenAI will maintain a competitive edge as open source communities catch up. However, I believe that the talent pool OpenAI has amassed, coupled with its commercial success, will keep it in an extremely competitive position. Additionally, open source models alone won’t suffice. The technical skills and experience in training large models, along with the infrastructure built to support this, will set OpenAI apart from its competitors.

I’m still sticking with this view.

Stocks and equity markets have recovered a significant amount of their losses, and I’m sticking with this view. I believe the worst is over, and it seems likely that Bitcoin has reached its low point. I do not believe Bitcoin will fall below 15k again.

This is proving to be truer than ever before. If you are a new graduate, better opportunities reside in startups rather than in big tech companies. Unless you are a risk-averse individual seeking stability and a calm, peaceful life, I would not advise joining a big tech company.