Recession Very Likely

1 min readJan 23, 2022

I think Generation Z will be experiencing their first recession.

It has only taken 2 weeks for the above short term prediction to occur. This indicates that things are actually accelerating. I plan to just hold cash as things do not look good. People are still not feeling fear and the long positions are still 70%. I plan to not touch crypto unless those long positions go below 50%. For the past 2 months, people have been aggressively long and this is back firing, which is something I have mentioned since November. Bitcoin will likely bottom when the long positions go below 50%.

While I have mentioned that 25k is likely for Bitcoin, I think 18k is also achievable if things start moving fast. If Bitcoin drops to 18k, all altcoins will be pretty much dead. As I have mentioned 2 weeks ago, holding altcoins will be extremely dangerous (though not a financial advice). I think it is very unlikely for BTC to hold 30k. Break down below 30k is quite imminent.